Renovation Notice

Dear Members,

ICC Group are proud to announce that extensive renovation works will be commencing soon. The much-anticipated renovation works at Georges River 16ft Sailing Club will start with stage one in August 2023. This includes operable walls being installed within the existing main lounge area which will create the premier event space within the Bayside area. Our goal for Georges River 16ft Sailing Club is to transform the Club into the leading leisure and hospitality destination in Southern Sydney with over 10 million dollars dedicated to the project. Transformation works will be conducted in two stages and aim to be completed early 2025. We will continue to provide updates as we move through the renovation period. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum and will do our best to keep trading throughout this period. However, there will be changes to our live music offering with this ceasing Sunday 6th August and returning late 2023. We will continue to deliver your milestone functions and events during this time. If you have any questions about the renovation works, please contact us with your enquiries via We thank our members & guests for their patience during this period and we are excited about what we are going to deliver.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Richardson

Chief Executive Officer