What happens on 1 November?

On 1 November, Club Central will take effective control of GRSC. This means all existing GRSC members will become Club Central members. GRSC members will be placed into a new Club Central membership class called “Sailing Club”. From this date onwards, all Club Central and GRSC members will have access to all three club venues.

What does this mean for GRSC members?

GRSC members will have their membership duration honoured. All GRSC members with one-year memberships will have these re-started from 8 November. All other durations such as five or ten years will be honoured wherever they may be up to in that period.

Do GRSC members have to do anything in this transfer?

GRSC members will be asked to sign a form acknowledging the membership transfer after 1 November. This can be done on the next visit to any of the club venues.

What if GRSC members are also Club Central members?

Members who hold both GRSC and Club Central membership will be able to choose which membership they continue with and relinquish the other membership. In either case, the membership benefits will remain the same.

What does this mean for Club Central members?

Club Central members will not have to do anything and can begin visiting GRSC as members from 1 November. Noting that there will only be temporary membership cards issued between 1 and 8 November and no bonus points will be accrued during this time. Membership discounts will still be honoured by showing your Club Central or GRSC membership card, wherever they currently are available.

Will GRSC members have their points transferred?

GRSC members’ bonus points will be transferred over to Club Central and will become members of the Central Rewards Loyalty program.

How much will membership cost?

Club Central membership is $2.20 for one year and $2.20 for five years. GRSC members who have paid membership fees will have the applicable membership duration honoured and will not be required to pay another membership fee.

Will I get a refund on my GRSC membership fee?

GRSC members who have paid membership fees will have the applicable membership duration honoured.

What if I don’t want to become a Club Central member?

If you elect not to become a Club Central Sailing Club member you can surrender your membership at any venue.

I have paid for a five-year membership, what happens to that?

All memberships will be honoured for the time period remaining on that membership.

I only joined GRSC recently, what happens to my membership?

Your membership will be transferred over to a Club Central membership

 My membership to GRSC ends between 1 and 8 November, what should I do?

You can choose to renew with GRSC prior to 1 November and remain in the Sailing Club class of membership when the amalgamation takes place. Alternatively, you can join Club Central after 1 November. You will have the same member benefits regardless of what you choose to do.

Why can’t I use my membership card between 1 and 8 November?

Due to the change over of the membership system to make this consistent with the system in place at Club Central, there will be no carded play on gaming machines or bonus points accrued during this period until the new system is implemented on 8 November.

Which club facilities can I access with my membership?

All members, regardless of which club they joined at, will be able to access all three club venues with their Club Central membership.

What is included in Club Central membership?

All members are entitled to membership benefits as soon as you join Club Central. These include some of the following:

  • 20% discount on all food and beverage purchases*
  • Access to all three Club venues
  • $1000 birthday draw every month
  • Discounts on some entertainment tickets
  • Member only promotions
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks^
  • Free parking when using Club Central facilities

* Members will be able to access additional birthday benefits at Club Central Hurstville and Menai, including $20 off their main meal (with the purchase of another main meal) during their birthday month. At this time, this benefit is not applicable at the Bay’s Edge Restaurant at GRSC. Members will receive a 20% discount on beverage purchases at all Club bars including GRSC. Members will only receive a 20% discount on food purchases at Club Central Hurstville and Club Central Menai. This is not currently available at the Bay’s Edge Restaurant at GRSC. The 20% discount does not apply in Southern Sydney Event Centre functions.

^ Complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks whilst playing gaming machines.

Will the Central Rewards Loyalty Program be offered at GRSC?

We are working through which elements of the loyalty program will be available at GRSC. From 8 November, all Club Central members will accrue bonus points on any carded gaming machine play as well as beverage purchases.

From 1 December 2022, further elements of the loyalty program, outlined in our Central Rewards brochure, will be available at GRSC.

How do I download the Central Rewards app?

The Central Rewards app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. To link your membership to the app, follow the instructions.