Dear Members and Guests

We trust that you all had a wonderful Christmas and you were able to once again socialise with loved ones and reconnect after what has been a truly difficult year. We thank those of you that elected to celebrate at our venue and our partners, Bays Edge did a wonderful job catering for the day.

Sadly, Covid-19 continues to dominant the headlines and Omnicron appears to be the most contagious strain to date. Despite our Club policy to employ only fully vaccinated staff we have had a number that have tested positive in the last week. The labour market shortage is well documented and the hospitality industry is hardest hit, so we were already under-resourced.

Our staff have been working tirelessly to maintain our services over the holiday period to ensure our members are able to enjoy themselves. I made the decision to close the business on Tuesday, December 28 to give them a well-deserved rest as we have the entire school holiday season ahead of us which is traditionally our busiest trading period.

We have made the decision to reduce our trading hours temporarily until our staffing levels normalise and whilst we monitor the evolving Omnicron crisis and its impact on all of us. This is a fluid situation that will be revised daily and should our position deteriorate then we will be forced into a temporary closure. Conversely, as we stabilise we will expand our hours and strive towards a return to standard trading conditions.

Despite rumour and inuendo to the contrary, this is in no way connected to our proposed amalgamation with Illawarra Catholic Club.

The following changes are effective:

  1. Until further notice, trading hours are 2pm – 7pm daily.
  2. Bays Edge Restaurant will be closed during this time. 
  3. Our NYE Event is cancelled
  4. There will be no Trivia for the following two weeks – Wednesday 29th December and Wednesday 5th January
  5. Entertainment is cancelled for this weekend – Sunday 2nd January 2021 (we will keep you updated on our entertainment schedule as we progress through the days)

I thank you for your continued support and truly hope you can empathise with us and many other venues that are finding it very challenging at present.

As always, please reserve your criticisms and complaints for myself, not our front-of-house staff who are already under strain.

Thank you

Joshua Swift