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Would you like to sail a boat that –

  • has a lightweight, fibreglass hull that gives high performance sailing
  • has racing for all levels, from weekend club racing through to world championships
  • is easy enough to sail for husband/wife, parent/child combinations
  • has racing and active associations in every state and territory in Australia
  • is inexpensive to get started
  • provides excellent training and social activities for State association members

Some Background on the Tasar

The Tasar was designed to be sailed by a man and a woman and it delivers exciting performance without either spinnaker or trapeze. The hull has a fine angle at the bow to reduce wave impact drag with clean and sharp chines to ensure free planing and stability. The foam cored hull is stiff and light. An innovative rig which combined with a rotating mast and a fully battened main sail, allows the Tasar to plane upwind with the crew normally hiked. The wide beam and a cockpit designed for comfortable hiking make the Tasar easy, fun and exciting to sail in winds up to 25 knots. Please contact Andrew Finney for futher details on 0404 052 831

The Tasar Race Calendar 2014-2015

Tasar Race Calendar 2014-2015

Welcome to another fun and exciting sailing season as GRSC tasars become a class of their own and hold their first ever AGM.

On the books this season, we have a fleet of 15 tasars. This is a substantial increase from past seasons which deservedly reflects the support provided by the Club and its members.

The Tasar Race Calendar for 2014-2015, provides for several Club and ex club Traveller Trophy events, Tasar Association training days, the Tasar World and National Championships (WA in Jan), as well as the State Titles event at Easter. It also includes our regular Spring and Autumn handicap series, and annual championship races.

Enjoy the racing season, and keep a regular eye on the Club’s Tasar website for race and event updates, and other publicity notices.

Jenny Sorensen

Handicapper and Publicity Officer

GRSC Tasar Committee


GRSC Tasars Update -Jan 2015

Brief on the Tasar World Championships, 2-9 Jan 2015

Four boats and crews from GRSC (myself as one!), are just back from sailing the Tasar World Championships 2015, in Busselton WA.  We had a brilliant week of sailing against a fleet of 123 boats on magnificent turquoise waters and winds generally 15kt up to 25-30kts, performing right up to expectations with the Club’s top two performers coming an overall 31st& 35th from 123  boats. Skippers & crews from GRSC (L-R in pic attached): Gary& Robyn Ratcliffe (2603), Cameron& Eva Shaw (1878), Bruce& Sharon Litchfield (2906), and Bruce Hilleard& myself (2114). During the race week, 9 races were held, despite two postponements: one due to hot windless conditions, and the other due to the sighting of a 5.5m shark off the stern of the start boat. We also had some friendly marine mammals as well who grouped & played around and swam under our hulls. As opposed to under the water, it was also excitement plus on the water, as wild and shifty breezes saw an abundance of capsizes, plentiful de-masted boats, split gunwales and skippers& crews falling overboard. Cam& Eva at one point even tried to lighten their hull weight by losing their whisker pole, last sighted nose diving down into the depths of Geographe Bay. Our boats were placed in order of registration so we were rigging and chatting amongst neighbouring Japanese and US contenders &defending champions. Each day finished with cheese& champagne sitting on the lawn in front of the clubhouse listening to stories of the day, and receiving prizes for those lucky to have positioned themselves in each race a 10th, 20th, 30th right up to 110th etc. Best for us a 31st (2114) & a 35th (2063). Young Vic crew Chris& Peter in first, Rob& Nic Douglass in 2nd. US captured 3rd& 5th. Tasar sailors came from around the globe, including Italy, Holland, Ireland, Britain, the US& Japan. Our 8 members from GRSC were there to represent our club and share in the camaraderie of sailing in a world titles championship, and successfully doing so!


Upcoming Events for the Tasar class

The autumn series of the handicap point score commenced on Sunday 18 Jan, with a mix of tasars, NS 14’s, 29er’s and lasers. The handicap series will continue running each Sunday with 2 races at 1pm, until 12 April, interspersed with 3 additional Club Championship races. The Australia Day Regatta was held again this year, which was open to all yachts and dinghies. Two GRSC boats (one tasar and one laser) competed in the Regatta which started at the nearby St George Sailing Club. It is the oldest continuous sailing regatta in Australia, first raced in 1837. GRSC tasars will also be heading to Illawarra YC at Easter (see report below) to compete in the NSW State Titles, as well as numerous other interclub Traveller Trophy events operated by the Tasar Association of NSW.

 NSW Tasar State Championships 2014/15

The Illawarra Yacht Club played host to this year’s State Championships held over the Easter weekend 3rd to 5th April 2015. Nine pairs of enthusiastic skippers and crews from GRSC took part in what was to be a terrifically run regatta with three past world champions providing top competition in the 34 boat fleet. Weather proved to be also challenging with rain and shifty breezes the first two days, and reducing breeze but gorgeous sunshine on Day 3. The odd clump of seaweed and collision with jellyfish also played havoc, as did the throwing of Easter eggs by race officials between races on Easter Sunday! Overall scratch winner was `LASS’ sailed by Martin Linsley & Russel Ford from CYC, and overall HCP winner from BSC was `Boogie Time’ sailed by Ben & Cath Walker. From GRSC, we had scratch bests with Bruce Hilleard & Jenny Sorensen (sailing Blew’n) in 8th, Bernie & Sarah Streater (2Sheepstations) in 9th, Gary& Robyn Ratcliff (Ratz) in 12th, and Chris Johnson (Like Lightening) in 15th. Some amazing HCP results too from the Club, as race times improved from Day 1 to Day 3. Blew’n came in 3rd place overall, only 2 points in front of Cameron& Eva Shaw (Tranquil Shaws) in 5th spot. 4 points further down in 7th position was GRSC’s Vice Commodore, Andrew Finney& crew Yanni Shaw (What A Pearler) followed closely only another 2 points away by Mark & Sue Kelly (Wooo Hooo) in 8th. The Club Shield Trophy for best performing Club of the Regatta went, for the first time in history, to GRSC! (ref pic insert, from L-R some of GRSC’s reps Yanni, Cameron & Eva Shaw, Bruce Hilleard, Jenny Sorensen, Class Captain Mark Hooper& wife/crew Pip, Robyn & Gary Ratcliffe). Congratulations to all our Tasar class members who competed. At the end of the day, it’s the great sense of attending these regattas and sharing stories with fellow competitors that makes this class so inviting. Jenny Sorensen

Link to Results of the NSW State Championships 2014/15 http://www.sailingresults.com.au/ScoreItV2/Public/Templates/Default/class-results.php?class_id=784#handicap  20150405_210731[1]

GRSC ‘Brass Monkey’ Winter Series 2015

A Winter Race Series will be held on the second last Saturday of every month from May to August 2015. The series is open to sailors in the following classes:

– Optimist (open &intermediate)

– Tasar, and

– Laser (full rig, radial & 4.7)

There is a members and non-members `series entry fee’, or an option to pay a `casual race entry’ on the day. Non-members are also welcome!

For further enquiries regarding the Tasar class, contact the Tasar Class Captain:

Mark Hooper

Email: mark@m101.net.au  Mobile: 0408 299 787

Date Time Event
Saturday 23rd May 1:30pm First Warning Signal Round 1
Saturday 20th June 1:30pm First Warning Signal Round 2
Saturday 18th July 1:30pm First Warning Signal Round 3
Saturday 22nd August 1:30pm First Warning Signal Round 4
Saturday 22nd August ASAP after racing Prize Giving


Skippers needing crews, crews needing skippers, skippers needing boats?

If you want to try out sailing on a Tasar?

Please don’t hesitate in giving me a call! The tasar is a fun, high performance, 4.5m lightweight hulled boat designed for two people. It has jib and main, but not the intricacies of a spinnaker and trapeze. Those that sail one, find it hard to look back at sailing any other boat! Jenny Sorensen (Mob 0433 744487/ Email: jennifers61@outlook.com) GRSC Tasar Handicapper& Publicity Officer 2014/15

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