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There are many sailing opportunities for our junior members.

1) Sailing school is conducted in our new fleet of Optimist dinghies from 9-11am on Sunday mornings as an 8 week course. Ideally suited to 8 – 16 years old, participants can be ready to join in fleet racing after one or two courses, depending on confidence and ability. Optimists are suitable for 8 – 14 years old and are sailed one-up. Our school has one per trainee. Older trainees (15-16) join the adults group and use the club’s Laser 4.7s. In addition, the club uses a larger Envy dinghy that can hold an instructor and up to six children. The aim of sailing school is to develop competent and confident sailors, in preparation for joining junior fleet racing.

2) Junior fleet racing (11.30 – 1pm).  All of the dinghy types below are available for charter. The possibilities here are:
    i) Sail an Optimist. If you own a Sabot and wish to continue with that, no problems.
    ii) Sail a Flying 11. The club now owns four Flying 11s, which are available for charter. Flying 11s are typically sailed as a pair, skipper and crew. Skippers are typically 12-16y.o., and crews can be typically 9-13, depending on size. You don’t need to have a combination in mind necessarily, this can be worked out later.
    iii) Sail a Laser 4.7, for the older ones. Likewise, the club has some of these for charter. However, the club’s focus at this point is developing participation in Optimists and Flying 11s if at all possible.

3) There are often crew spots available for afternoon Open Class racing. For example, crewing on an NS14 or Tasar (larger/older), or on a Heron (smaller/younger OK). Again, the focus of the club is to develop the junior division and getting the kids sailing on their own as a primary goal. Crewing in Open Class is possible after junior racing is finished for the day.

I stress again that different possibilities exist and that your young sailor can be accommodated satisfactorily, somewhere. 

Sailing activities outside sailing school will be conducted with the intention of providing as much training and support as necessary to get the kids confident and competent as quickly as possible.

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 Sailing school information brochure

Junior sailing pathway at GRSC

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